Monday, September 24, 2018

Funny Stuff the Kids Say


Elise was talking to Grandma Shupe on the phone. When she talked about it, she said, "I was talking to Grandma Shoot."
This girl conforms to no rules and I love it!
The siamangs climbed to the top of their enclosure and Elise said, "Their parents aren't there to catch them!"

Elise was on the elephant statue at the zoo and turned to the girl by her saying, "I Elise and I'm strong!"

I was rubbing Elise's leg and she said, "Careful when you pet me there because I have an owie."

"Can someone come get me? I'm a scared sister. I'm a scaredy cat!"

"You know how I can reach Harper? My arm is getting tall!" 

We were taking Harper for her last pup cup and Elise said to Carter, "Harper is dying because you left all that ham out, remember?"

Me: Guess who's in my class, Carter?
Carter: Who?
Me: Audrey, so Ms. Anna was your teacher last year and now I'm Ms. Anna's daughter's teacher this year!
Elise: So who's going to be our mommy now?

Elise randomly to herself: I don't know why I don't have a good time with owies.

Elise and I were talking about Harper and then Harper walked into the room.
Me: Harper were your ears a burnin?
Elise: I'm gonna go wash my hands so I can get Harper's ears cold!

As Carter walked by after we dropped him off and he was walking into school, Elise said, "My sweet Carter is walking by."

"Awww, a roly poly! Oh, wait, that's not a roly poly! I don't know what that is. I hate that, whatever it is!"

"That was really long like a super dinosaur!" Talking about how long I laid with her at bedtime.


Elise and I both got the rainbow trail and Carter didn't. He said, "I'm miserable!"

Before his first sleepover Carter said, "I like Landon and I also like you. I don't know what to do."

Carter keeps telling me stories about this girl in his class who isn't nice to him. He swears her name is Gasoline. I'm dying to find out what her name really is. When I questioned that being her name, he said, "Mom, it is Gasoline. When my teacher says her name, she says Gasoline." My bet is on Jasmine or Jeslyn.

"My thumb hurts every time I walk. You know, my toe thumb."

Elise: Why did you not run long, Mommy?
Me: I'm running a race tomorrow so I just ran 4 miles.
Carter: Do you know what that means, Elise?!?
Elise: What?
Carter: Oma and Opa are coming!
I love that he associates running races with seeing Oma and Opa!

Carter calls 2 piece jammies, jammies that are cut in half.


  1. Replies
    1. I had been adding to it little by little and realized I had stuff on here from before Harper's diagnosis.

  2. Please update us when you find out Gasoline's real name! Hahaha!

    1. I'm dying to know! When he was in preschool he said there was a kid in his class named Space Jam. I later figured out it was Sebastian!