Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Elise wearing her new leotard for gymnastics.

Sleepy girl after school, we had to wake her from her nap.
Reading a chapter book at the library.
Ty barefoot, I had to get a picture because this NEVER happens!
Elise wanted me to match her for school so we matched leggings.
I saw Elise out on the playground during outside time.
Helping me clean up before leaving for the day.

We were taking a picture of all of us before getting Harper her last pup cup but she laid down right as I took the picture so she wasn't in the picture!
Harper not feeling very good on her way to get a pup cup.
Uncie Taco came over to watch the kids so Ty could go with me to the vet's for moral support.
All these babies were born out of Elise's tummy and she named them all either Skippy or Harper.

Elise read some books and then fell asleep at naptime.
Carter was scared of the zombies at the Zombie Run.
Dad, mom, and Ty taking off at the start of the 2 mile Zombie Run.
Spectating the Zombie Run.

Opa finishing the race.

Ty finishing the race.

Mom finishing the race.

Elise reading Carter's Bible in the car.
I walked by Elise's classroom and she was attempting to nap with the lights on.
My little helper at the Tag Agency.
Coloring after storytime at the library.


  1. I like the new leotard! And she loves the balance beam. You might not have noticed, but not only did I get stuck on the slide, I bumped my head getting there.