Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Elise's First Day of School

Elise started her morning off by opening her first day of school book. She was so excited to see which book it was and wanted to read it over and over before breakfast. I didn't have time to read it more than once so she sat and read it by herself while Carter helped me make waffles. Elise wanted to have special waffles for her special breakfast just like Carter did. I figured that would be the case so I got more whipped cream the day before since we were out. Once again the kids were both dressed before Ty left for work so we were able to get a family picture before he left. Elise picked out her outfit all by herself, she would not let me help. Then she got Nutella on her shirt at breakfast but didn't want to change so you'll notice her shirt is dirty in the pictures. In the car Carter was so excited for Elise, telling her all about what 3 year old preschool would be like. The only difference was he went to school half-days when he was 3, but it worked out because our first week of school is half days so it didn't matter that he told her she'd leave before lunch.   
Pulling off her last chain before playing with her balloon.

Super excited about opening her book.
Elise spreading Nutella on her waffle.
Super excited about her Nutella, sprinkle, whipped cream, strawberry, and blueberry covered waffle.
Carter loved that he got a special breakfast again.
Family pictures before leaving to drop Carter off at school.

Carter noticing her sign was upside down.
He told her so she fixed it.

When Elise and I got to school there was a special sign out front so we took another picture. A teacher was taking her daughter's picture by the sign and then had her take a picture by the flowers so Elise wanted to take her picture by the flowers too. I was glad because the picture turned out super cute!

I was a little nervous over how Elise's first day of school would go. She's been having trouble going to her Sunday School class ever since VBS, before that she did wonderfully. At Open House she just stood against the wall and sucked her thumb after Ty left so her teachers brought her to my classroom. This morning we got to school early so I took her to my classroom with me. She played for a while and then said she was ready to go to her class so I took her to the movement room where all the teachers' kids were playing before school started. She went right in with no trouble and had a wonderful day the rest of the day! Her class had recess right after mine so we saw each other as we were going in and they were coming out. I thought she might have a hard time but she just asked me what I was doing and then gave me a hug and a kiss before we went inside! It was so sweet and I loved that I got to see her momentarily. At pick-up she had no interest in staying with her class and wanted to come over with me as my students were dismissed which was fine with me. I was so proud of her and what an awesome day she had. She told me she had fun in her class and her favorite thing was when her teacher read her a story. She described the story, telling me it was about a raccoon who was nervous for school. I knew it was The Kissing Hand which we had also read in our class too.

Pictures from her teachers.

After school we had a picnic out front with lunchables, per Elise's request. She didn't nap but then on the way to pick Carter up she fell asleep. Carter was disappointed she was asleep because he wanted to ask her about her day. He actually tried to wake her up a couple times so he could ask but I got onto him for it. When she woke up, the first thing he said was, "Elise, how was your day?" He wanted to hear all about it. It was just the sweetest thing!
Getting ready to leave after a successful day
Sleeping on her way to pick Carter up.
Elise's First Day of School Interview 

 3 Year Old Preschool

  • My School Is: Jenks First Baptist Community Preschool
  • My Teachers Are: Ms. Megan and Ms. Nicole 
  • My Class Is: Full day from 9:30-2:30 on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • My 1st Day of School Is: September 4, 2018
  • Height: 38.5 inches
  • Shoe Size: 9 
  • Weight: 32.4 pounds 
  • I Hope I Get to Learn About: Tell my teacher that my mom is sad that Harper is sick.  
  • When I Grow Up I Want to Be: Nothing, Chase
  • I'm Really Good At: I don't know.   
  • I Want to Get Better At: A dad, dad is a good daddy.  
  • This Year I Want to Learn:  Thank you for God.
  • I'm Excited About Preschool Because: The playground. 
  • My Favorite Thing About Myself Is: Elisey, playing on the playground. 


  1. I love them talking about the first day of school. Her hand motions are so cute. And I like her responses to the first day of school questions.

  2. Also, Ty is really looking good.