Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Elise has decided she loves Carter's Catboy stuffed animal he got from Christmas.

Elise claiming Catboy as her own.
Elise's room turned into a Craft Club.

Special breakfast thanks to Oma's free breakfast pastry.
Pretend snowball fight at storytime!
Elise working on her craft!

Eating a picnic lunch at the garden.
Carter slept really well with his cast on, I was worried about it.
Trying out the new exhibit at the Children's Museum.

I've been so impressed with how well Carter can use his left hand and he doesn't get frustrated.
Carter and Elise made a special bed in the doorway.
Carter and Charlee playing with Legos.

Camping in the front yard.
Picnic lunch in the front yard. You have to love a 60 degree day in January!