Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Elise poured the cheese sauce from her mac and cheese into a cup and drank it.

The battery died so Elise got out to push.
Elise wanted Carter to rock her before her nap.
Carter got a couple Lego sets for his birthday and has been loving them!
Elise was super excited to wear her Paw Patrol outfit Oma and Opa got her for Christmas.
Sharing their ice cream.
The look of fear when you accidentally let go of your balloon.
Sheer joy that it was on the porch so it was trapped under the overhang!
Just a girl chilling with her dog.
Elise made a little bed on the living room floor, somebody woke up to early and was still tired!
Carter wanted to snuggle with her.
Elise was upset with me for putting her hair in a ponytail.

But she looked so adorable!
Carter "fixing" our light.

Elise helping Carter with his chore.


  1. Hallway dodge ball looked like fun. I was waiting to see Elise sweep Carter's legs out with the stroller. I heard something about that. :) Very cute pictures, as always.

    1. Yeah, I missed that! Sounded pretty funny though.