Friday, January 24, 2020

Wordless Friday

I had a migraine on Wednesday and was still feeling a bit rough from it yesterday, so Wordless Friday it is!
Elise helped Ty make zucchini burrito boats for dinner. She was very proud!
Elise and I went to lunch with Carter.
Elise held my hand the whole time we watched Tangled.

Carter woke up Saturday morning and started reading his Magic Tree House book. By the time I had brushed my teeth and came in, he was on chapter 2.
Tea party with the Scruff a Loves.
The baby Scruff a Love enjoying tea.

Decorating a scarf during Sunday Funday at the Gilcrease Museum.

Carter filling out the scavenger hunt at the Gilcrease.

I was so excited to find 2 yolks in this huge egg from my friend.
Charlee and Kyra wanted to play with Carter's Harry Potter Legos while he built some new Legos.

Making pigs in a blanket for our tea party/lunch.
Enjoying our fancy tea party.
Moving on to My Little Ponies.
Carter's umbrella got caught in Elise's backpack and we didn't notice until we got into school.
We finally got some snow but then it rained all day. I let the kids play in it before we left for school even though it was raining because I knew it would be melted by the time we were back home.

Carter made a little snowman.
Carter's snowman was still partially there when we got home.
I laid down for a bit before dinner because I had a migraine and Elise kept bringing me toys to play with so I would feel better, haha.
Elise helping me by carrying nap mat covers back to the classroom for me.
Visiting The Gathering Place right when it opens on a day that's 36 degrees and it rainged the night before means you have the whole place to yourself!

Our first ever trip to Trader Joe's was fun!

Trying out our new blueberry tea scones from Trader Joe's.

Trying the fruit strip buttons she picked out at Trader Joe's.

We just went to check it out and get some fun stuff, it was a success!
We got a cinnamon roll to share for dessert.
Elise got after it! I ate some too.

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