Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Playing in puddles at Uncie J's house.

Elise at swim lessons.

When momma's foam rolling, everybody snuggles daddy!

Eating eggs while playing the Hatchimals game.

Elise was camouflaged on the new fouton cover.

Tea party with friends.

I told the girls you usually dress fancy for a tea party so Elise put on and Ironman costume with princess shoes.

Carter wanted to have another tea party because he was playing and missed the other tea party.

Leaving the tea party in their car, haha!

Pin the tail on the unicorn at a friend's birthday party.

Elise reading to Tesla.

Carter making up stories for Elise.

They got out the water guns and Tesla got scared because she didn't want to get wet.

Another tea party, this time with cucumber cream cheese dip and parmesean kale crisps as appetizers.

Cucumber sandwiches for lunch.

Elise fell asleep with a baby still in her belly.


  1. Tesla was afraid to get wet, right? Elise didn't care? That metal thing she was jumping on in the end almost looked dangerous. Carter making up stories for Elise was adorable.