Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Elise in her birthday outfit from Gigi and Papa.
Playing before school.

Ty had Good Friday off so we got to meet Carter for lunch at school.

Elise climbing the tree on our way home from the library.

Opa ready to play croquet at Thomas' birthday party.
Elise with all her earrings.
Fun at the Easter Fair at our church.

Easter service at church.
Elise didn't want to be in the picture because she wanted Opa to hold her.

The only picture we got with the 4 of us.

Carter digging for dinosaur bones he got in his Easter basket.

I was getting ready to do yoga and Elise needed help with something. When I came back I found this.
Elise was sleepy and wanted to lay in lap.
My sweeties napping!
Ty taking a break from weight lifting to give Elise a back massage.

Elise playing with the dentist toys in my classroom before school.

Carter wanted to go watch Elise at gymnastics and told me, "I didn't know it would be this fun watching sissy!"


  1. It's funny that Tesla will jump with Elise on the trampoline. She was on it full body before. And of course she loves to go down the slide. haha