Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Carter and I walked to get ice cream as a special mommy and Carter treat.

Elise wanted to pack her own lunch. She ended up with three different kinds of cheese.
I looked back in the car and Elise was playing with her umbrella.

Carter wanted to wear our library backpack.

Carter pretending to be asleep when we got home from a party.

Carter's ball landed on the roof so Ty lifted the kids up to get it.

We got a flat tire so Ty came out to help me change it. Thank goodness he did because I had a hard time getting the wheel out from under the van.
All the things Elise needed to take with her to the library for storytime.
Stopping to feed her baby.
Napping on the way to pick Carter up from school.
Best outfit ever and ready for gymnastics class.