Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Elise listening to the ocean inside a seashell.
Trying out a new to us hiking location.

Carter ready for kindergarten orientation at his new school.
Carter following a teacher to the classroom while parents filled out paperwork.
Making birthday presents for Uncie Taco.

Visiting a state park for some hiking and rock climbing fun.
Our view from the overlook.
Can you tell it has been windy!!!
I loved Carter's sweet arm around his sister.

Showing off her muscles!

Checking out the playground.

Checking out the lake from a dock.

Carter talked me into wearing him at the end of our hike.

He wanted to show off that he was hanging on with no hands.
Elise walked almost the entire hike.
But then wanted me to wear her as we climbed up the hill at the end of the hike.
It rained for Carter's soccer game and then got called due to one bolt of lightning in the second half, there was no more lightning the rest of the day!
Elise was ready to help Uncie Taco open his birthday presents.
Elise got up on Monday morning and then came into our room and fell back to sleep on my feet.
Sis insisted on wearing her new swim shoes from Oma and Opa.
Carter got tired at the playground.

Taking Harper on her long overdue birthday hike.
Elise: Oh you taking a break. I take a break too.
Catching tadpoles in the pond.

I love this group of girls! Elise lucked out with pretty much an all 2 or 3 year old girl playgroup!
I met the moms of these girls through their older siblings and Elise loves them!

Elise wanted to take a picture on this stump on our way home from the library again.
Picture from Carter's teacher.


  1. Cool hiking place! Love, Gma

    1. Brenda told us about it, it's near her house! She went with us, I should have gotten a picture of her with the kids. We'll have to go sometime when you are here.

  2. You sure did have wind blown hair. In just a bit, Carter won't have top teeth either. I liked Elise taking dictation, and Carter's singing. (And Elise's dancing to the singing.)

    1. She was so cute. Carter asked me to help him spell Happy Birthday so then Elise wanted me to spell words for her to write too!