Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

We had a picnic dinner with friends.

Elise wore a hair bow for a few hours one day.

It was in the low 20's for Carter's soccer game!

By an elephant skull at the museum.

The kids were super excited a Meals on Wheels friend gave them a bag of candy.

Elise was really into the singing at Talking is Teaching.
Elise just went up and sat in the reader's lap at Talking is Teaching.
Elise threw a giant stick in the pond.
Picnic lunch with friends after our hike.
New computer at the library.

I wore Elise on my back for the first time.


  1. Being hit with a soccer ball at 20 degrees is kind of rough. Good pictures and video.

    1. Yeah, I felt bad that I laughed when I realized he was crying.