Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Enjoying a free bagel, thanks to Oma's My Panera card.

Riding her scooter to the library.
Carter trying out dead lift after watching Ty do his workout.
Carter ready for his 2nd soccer game.

Attempting to get a picture of the kids before leaving for church on Easter.
We were able to get one at church because I told Elise should could pick where we took it.
Ty carrying Carter home from church.
Carter wanted to use his Easter money to feed the turtles at the aquarium.

Elise took a picture of me.

Drawing in their new books from Gma.

Elise's awesome spider she drew.
Taking the bedtime bus to their rooms.
They had fire fighters visit their school.
Picture from Carter's teacher.
Picture from Carter's teacher.

How we toll to the library.


  1. It looks exhausting for the bus to do bedtime bus. Elise did draw a wonderful spider! She did a good job at the library!

    1. She was so cute at the library, staring at Ms Tanzy and following along exactly!