Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Carter wore the shirt he made last year for his Thanksgiving feast at school this year.
Enjoying the confetti after the start of the Turkey Trot 5k.
Fun with snapchat filters on Thanksgiving.
Uncie J helping Carter build with Legos.
Carter wanted me to take a picture of him in his fancy shirt.
Carter woke up with a temperature on Friday morning.
Mom in her adorable new LulaRoe dress.
We went on a walk to look at Christmas lights in the neighborhood.
They all wanted to ride in the wagon.
Elise wanted to pull the wagon for a while.
Carter wanted to pose like the tiger.
Carter's teacher posted some adorable pictures for us!
Carter ready for his Thanksgiving feast at school.
Now daddy is sick.


  1. Really cute pictures. Looks like Elise wrote on her arm. Poor Ty, I'm not sure his helpers were working with him when he was sick. :)

    1. Carter was actually sitting against his back, supporting it and keeping it warm, at one point because Ty said his back hurt.