Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Charlee and Elise playing at Museum Babies.
Ready for Silver Dollar City in their Christmas outfits.
Elise climbed into the passenger seat and refused to get in her car seat. I just waited her out and she eventually she climbed into her seat while crying hysterically.
Super excited about her turkey cookie from my Aunt Judy and Uncle Mike.
Riding the dogs at Silver Dollar City.
The kids got to ride all kinds of rides at the outlet stores, thanks to Oma.
Elise ran up to her Uncie J so he'd carry her.
Hugs for her Uncie J.
Pretending to be babies and napping.
Wearing our Packers gear, thanks to Gma who got shirts for the kids at a garage sale.
Looking at a house we were interested in buying.
Carter let Elise play the computer with him at the library.
Teaching Elise how to play the game.
We got out a few Christmas decorations and Elise put on a pair of stockings.
Carter figured out he can balance silverware on his nose when he was doing his chore.
Elise ran and sat on the passenger side, waiting for Carter to drive her around.


  1. Good balancing, Carter! Elise sure was having fun throwing balls, wasn't she?