Friday, November 3, 2017

Funny Stuff the Kids Say

Carter's silly face for a silly post.
Carter's cute face.
Carter: Daddy, if you hold your eyes open for a long time without sunglasses it will feel like your eyes are melting.
Ty: Yeah.
Carter: Yep because water starts dripping out of them.

"Why do turtles drag their butts on the ground while they're pooping?" said randomly while driving in the car.

Carter in the tub: I'm never sharing my water with Elise again.
Elise accidentally knocks her cup over and starts crying.
Carter: Here, Elise, you can have some of mine!

"The cat is on the human toilet!" while watching cat videos on Youtube.

Me: Skippy was meowing as we left because he didn't want to get left.
Carter: But he knows he doesn't like field trips!

"When I grow up I'm going to be a dad and have zoo animals and robot dinosaurs."

"Hey boys, you wanna have fun up here? We're playing thumb tackle!"

Carter: Uncie Taco looks like Wilma.
Me: Why are you saying that?
Carter: Because Opa is funny and I want to be funny like him so I have to think of funny things to say.

In the shower Elise kept pulling Carter's hair and then pretending she didn't do it. Carter started singing to her, "God is watching you," over and over.

One of the songs on our Halloween cd we've been listening to is "Purple People Eater." Carter calls it "Purple Peter."

Carter: When I grow up will I go to a wedding and see a girl and you'll tell me I'm marrying her?
Me: No, when you get older you'll start liking girls more and you'll maybe date a few.
Carter: cuts me off as I'm talking, I already like girls the best!


"I not tiny, Oma tiny!"

Isaac: Have a good day!
Elise: I going to!

"Awww, this is a fancy baby potty!"
Elise ready to use the "fancy baby potty".
"Oma is big. Mommy is big. Carty is cute!"

I was getting Elise dressed and once I had her pants on she looked down and said, "Lookin good!"

Me: You are getting so big Elise!
Elise: I not big, I cute!

We were at Sam's and I gave Elise our receipt to take to the door checker. He was so impressed with her he gave her 2 fruit snacks and told he she had one for each hand. She turned and excitedly showed them to me saying, "Oh, look, mommy! He give me one for Carty!" It didn't even cross her mind she could have 2 and she saved it to give to Carter when we picked him up from school.

One day I played the song "Ice, Ice Baby" for the kids. After that they spent an absurd amount of time arguing over which one of them was the ice baby. Carter would say to Elise, "You're the ice baby!" Then she'd say to him, "No, you the ice baby!"

Carter and Elise were playing a game where one of them would block the way, telling the one trying to get through to say the password. When it was Elise's turn she stood in the way and just kept saying no to Carter until he said, "Poop in the toilet." Then she said, "Yep!" and jumped out of the way. After that the password was always poop in the toilet until Carter guessed it was kitty and Elise decided that was the password for the rest of the game.
Elise's silly face for a silly post.