Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Carter was the shining star in music class!
Carter wanted me to take a picture of him "sleeping".
Elise insisted on putting her pants on without help, they were inside out!
Picture courtesy of Carter.
Carter helped peel potatoes.
He helped me make mashed potatoes for the first time.
Touching horseshoe crabs at the aquarium.
He's always wanted to feed the turtles and I've never paid for him to do it, so we finally did it!
Ready for an Oreo taste test.
Elise getting her nails painted.
Showing off our nails.
Carter picked this spot for viewing the Super Bowl at Uncie Taco's.
It didn't last long, he moved on to the best seat in the house!
Cooling off at the Children's Museum, using their giant fan.
Making circuits.
So excited for Valentine's Day cookies from Uncle Mike and Aunt Judy.
Reading their magazines together.
Carter made a pretend bed for them to play on on the floor while I made dinner.
Carter wanted to make waffles for breakfast.
Aquarium trip with friends.
Playing with an otter stuffed animal during Aqua Tots at the aquarium.
Elise wanted to sit in Carter's chair with him at lunchtime and he was sweet enough to let her!


  1. It looks like Carter gave a good concert and his audience enjoyed it. And the bullfighting was adorable. Leina had quite the flair with it.

    1. Elise loves when Carter sings to us! The kids had a blast as bulls!