Monday, February 20, 2017


I used to babysit two boys, Brent and Bo, every summer and during breaks from school. I started babysitting for the family when Brent was only a year old and babysit for them a lot more after Bo was born. I babysat all day during the summer while their mom was at work so we spent a lot of time together and I will love them forever. Bo is now in high school and plays drums in the band. My mom mentioned to me a while back that he was going to perform for their high school spring musical, Seussical. I looked at my calendar and saw it was the weekend of the Sweetheart Run and didn't really think of it again. Then last Tuesday my parents called to let me know that Bo had been asking if I was going to be able to make it for the show. My mom said the show was playing Wednesday-Friday evening and then again Saturday afternoon. Ty and I talked it over and decided I would drive down Thursday after I picked Carter up at school. Carter and I would go to the show while Elise stayed home with my mom. My parents went on Wednesday night and said the show ended around 9:00. That's an hour after Carter's bedtime and 2 hours after Elise's. I knew it would be a stretch for Carter, but pretty much impossible for Elise.

Thursday morning as I packed up the car I filled Carter in on the plans. He was so excited and just couldn't wait. He kept talking about going to see the movie so I explained to him multiple times that it would be real people on a stage, not on a screen. He still referred to it as a movie, but whatever. The whole drive to the theater that evening Carter kept talking about how excited he was and how he couldn't wait to see The Grinch. I wasn't even sure the Grinch would be in the show, so I tried sharing that one gently. While we were sitting, waiting for the show to start I pointed Bo out in the orchestra pit and Carter thought that was awesome. Then he turned around to the people behind him and started up a conversation. He introduced himself and stated his age. Then he introduced me and asked me to tell them how old I am. It was pretty funny. Once the show started Carter was in awe. The Grinch came out onto stage during the first song and Carter was ecstatic. He kept pointing while yelling, "It's the GRINCH! Mommy, it's the Grinch!" Part way through the first act he said he was tired, but he still clapped very enthusiastically after each song. At intermission he said he was tired again and I asked him if he wanted to go home. He asked if everyone else was going home and I told him that they would be staying for the second half of the show to which he replied, "Well, then I want to stay."
Ready for the show to start.
During the entire show he would yell out anytime The Grinch came out onto stage and pointed out The Cat in the Hat as well as Thing 1 and Thing 2 each time as well. He did a wonderful job, sitting in his seat, watching and clapping. Toward the end he did start playing with my hair but never lost interest in the show. When the second act ended I asked him if he wanted to go down to see any of the characters up close. He said he wanted to see The Grinch first. So we walked around searching for The Grinch and then he also got his picture with The Cat in the Hat. When we got back to my parents' house Carter told them the show was amazing. The next day when we got back home Carter immediately started telling Ty all about the show when we sat down for dinner. He keeps talking about how amazing it was and how much he loved it. He's even been getting out his toy drum and sitting down to play it, telling us he's having a concert. It is the absolute cutest! I love how much he enjoyed it and am excited to take him to another play sometime in the future!
Carter with The Cat in the Hat.
Carter was so excited to see The Grinch!