Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Making his own lunch, peanut butter and jelly!
Elise insisted on carrying her coat and blanket around at the aquarium.
Eating her snack with the sharks.
I couldn't find my sunglasses and it was super sunny so I borrowed Elise's.
Elise was very upset because she couldn't get the sports bra on the way she wanted.
Carter saw Ty carrying Elise and said, "Daddy, carry me like a baby too!"
I found some pictures on Ty's phone, this was from a while ago when I was sick.
Also from Ty's phone, Carter playing guitar with Uncle Paul over our Christmas visit.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse after their bath.
Luckily, this was a basket of dirty blankets because Harper jumped right on in.
Opa and Uncie J's birthday celebration.
I was holding Elise and she reached out so violently for Uncie J, I almost dropped her!
Neither of them were feeling very good.
Carter and Elise playing ponies. When Elise says ponies it sounds like potty and is very confusing for me!
I love all her adorable sleeping positions!
Carter still wasn't feeling up to par.
A beautiful 70 degree day in January!
Elise saw Carter on his car in the grass so she ran over and set hers next to his.
He was dumping stuff out of his shoes and Elise wanted to copy him so she took her shoes off and threw them.
Picnic on February 1st!
The wind was a little chilly and we were in the shade so the kids decided they needed to sit on my lap to get warm.
The morning Carter got sick he pretty much laid on our makeshift bed on the floor all day long.
Elise was so proud to carry Carter's backpack in for him.


  1. Elise sure focused on Carter teaching her to spread jelly, he did a good job. And Elise in my sports bra was hilarious!

    1. It was so darn cute. He told her at one point "This is enough for jelly for a baby." I don't remember if he said it while I was recording or not.

  2. Love the sunglasses, too. haha