Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Carter got tired on our hike so Uncie Taco carried him.
The kids were devastated to come home and find Harper had pulled down and eaten our Valentine's Day cake.

I finally bought little hair ties so I could do Elise's hair.
Her pig tails were so adorable!
But she hated them.
I tried showing her how cute they were in the mirror, but she didn't care.
When I left to get Carter's clothes she pulled them both out!
A picture Carter took of his Oma.
Then he took some of himself.
Elise sneaking candy!
Carter got hot so he took his shirt off. He was wearing rain boots so he could play a little in the water!
Carter was holding Elise's hand to make sure she wouldn't go out where it was too deep.
He decided not to put his pants back on because he got them wet.
Carter loves his sister!
Elise made a mess with the icing!
Playing Play Doh with Uncie J.
Carter got out of bed (after being asleep for about an hour) to tell us we should be police officers for Halloween and Ty could make the stroller into a police car. His face was cracking me up because he was so serious!
Carter and his buddy left the play room so I went to check on them and Carter was reading to his buddy.
Elise took a couple pictures with my phone.
Carter getting Harper to do tricks while Elise spectated.
Harper got very excited and wanted to lick Elise.
Elise with her BFF.
Elise was helping her up the ladder.
We see who the remote hog is in this relationship!


  1. Thomas had a monkey on his back:) Being police for Halloween is a good idea. I have a policeman's costume, and I think you got one for Carter. Some really cute pictures and video.

    1. Thanks! It was hilarious that he came out of his room to tell us that.