Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Elise wearing her backpack ready to take Carter to school.

Free bagel, thanks to Oma!

Playing with their Valentine's Day pez dispensers from Gigi and Papa.

Elise excited about the new hat Oma made for her.

Playing with her new owl glider from Oma and Opa.

I love seeing his little feet under the table. He can touch the floor now!

Elise threw my phone and hit me in the face. I had a nice bruise that looked like part of a mustache.

Elise picked out her whole outfit.

In the gardens at the local art museum.

Checking out the shadows of his art.

Elise didn't like the music they were playing.

Daddy gave her a chocolate in the car.

Carter playing a lullaby for the baby.

Naps are rare for this little guy.

Elise woke up at 5:45 so she fell asleep on the way to storytime.

Playing at the library.

  1. The jelly was so good, she was licking what fell off her pb&j on the plate.
One of Carter's valentines turned into a mask.

Making our Valentine's Day cake.

Checking on the cake, everyone got involved.

Making our heart pizza.

Carter wanted to take a picture of Ty at dinner.

Lap full of my little Valentines at dinner!

Another free bagel, thanks to Oma! She gets them the whole month of February and is letting us use her My Panera card to get them.

Carter saw this on the way into Target and wanted a picture.


He decided to slide down a hill on his bottom.

This monkey loves to climb and has great balance!