Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Pictures from Elise's 13 month photo shoot that I liked, but didn't make the post.
Carter super excited for dinner out on Uncie Taco's birthday.
I love it when she takes a break from playing for cuddles.
Drawing a picture for Santa. He says December will be the best holiday ever, haha!
Showing off his M&M graph from Gma.
Pulling everything off the fridge.
Petting Harper so gently!
Playing sleep on the floor.
Using up the last of the ice cream money from Gigi and Papa.
Sharing his ice cream with sis.
Trying out a friend's bike at the park.
Loved this view.
Elise climbing aboard!
He loves practicing with scissors. Look at the tongue!
Addison and Erin at Addison's first birthday party.
Watching bubbles.
Picnic at the park with friends.
Finally re-filled the sand box.
Carter ready for Talking is Teaching. He loves the hymn books.
Holding hands with his friend.
Meeting Biscuit
Elise going for bubbles. Carter said, "This is the best party ever: bubbles, sand, and a cake (he was making a sand cake)!"
Elise thinks she needs to do everything Carter does.
Special lunch date with Christmas money I've been saving to do fun stuff.
Elise was waving for me.
I moved stuff to mop so he decided to draw on the table. He loves his free supplies from the art museum.


  1. These two are so stinking cute!!!! Love, Gma and Gpa