Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

We made avocado pasta sauce and Elise LOVED it!
Carter was playing fire fighter and had me stand in different rooms telling him where the fire was.
Elise loves her chair from Aunt Tina.
But prefers to sit in it her own way!
Taking Bobbie on a hike.
Trying on his suit to make sure it fit before the wedding.
Playing at a nearby playground before the wedding.
Racing up the hill with the kids.
Family picture before my uncle's wedding.
His fanciest black shoes were his cowboy boots so we went with it.
My Uncle Doug marrying Pam.
My cousins Kiley and Spencer.
Carter found a 6 year old girl to play with.
Elise with my Aunt Monica.
Carter was so proud to butter his own bread.
Thoma held Elise so I could enjoy my meal.
Then he moved on to a 10 year old girl.
He asked if he could go sit at her table with her and turned to me when I was following him to tell me, "Mom, I don't need you!"
Fruit at the hotel breakfast, she ate 2 bowls of fruit and another of oatmeal!
Ready to swim with her cousin, Garrett.
I wanted to get a picture of all 3 kids together.
My cousin, Ian, reading to Carter.
Elise with my Uncle Dan.
Aunt Monica and Uncle Dan playing with Elise.
Zonked out on our way home.
Elise found an apple as I was unpacking and went to town.
Pictures Carter drew for Big Al and Elise.
Pretending we were having a party. Carter was an awesome host!
We walked to the park and Opa and Uncie J met us there. Carter had a blast in the puddles, that's why his shirt is off, it was soaked!
Carter didn't want to take a picture until I offered him some candy, haha!
Playing with a friend I was babysitting for the day.
Watching Carter splash in puddles.
Little miss slept in until 9:00 this morning!!!!
I had to sneak in to make sure she was alive!
Our weekly play group. Elise kept trying to eat Play Doh!
The babies of the play group.
Dad and Ty installing our new bathtub.
A rare moment, Benny letting Ty hold him.
Jeremy installing a light fixture in his newly remodeled bathroom.


  1. I can see all the videos except the last one. The race up the hill looks like a lot of fun.