Thursday, November 22, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Tesla after going on her first run with me, I just took her one mile.
I got out of the shower to find the kids reading in our bed.
Elise eating a Christmas tree cookie my co-teacher got her.

Tesla thought she not only needed to be in bed with me, but also needed under the covers!
Elise not napping in her class!
Carter and Ty looking a lot alike in their profiles!
Carter at a friend's skating birthday party.

Sick day at home means couch cuddles, Tesla included.

Elise at her Thanksgiving Feast at school.


Elise pretending to talk to Uncie Taco in the car.

Carter wanted to hang signs on the street about eating pizza to save the turkeys!

Had to wear my turkey hat even though it was 50 degrees when I ran!

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