Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Carter checking out an ambulance during his Boy Scout meeting.

Elise wearing a lion tail, just for fun!
Taking Tesla on a walk with Elise wearing her lion tail.

Carter was scared so Tesla slept with him.
Tesla and Skippy beginning for turkey.
Dinner with my running buddies.
Tesla tried to sneak in bed with us.
Elise napping at school.
The kids excited to hang out at Silver Dollar City before the Run to the Lights 5k.

Elise playing with the ball shooters at Fireman's Landing.

Carter set up a book fair and sold me books.

Wearing new clothes to church.

Tesla and Skippy snuggling Ty at the same time.

We had a friend come over to play.

Got Elise to wear her new kitty dress by telling her it was a shirt and was just long to cover her booty and keep her warm.
Elise said she was Gpa because she had a band aid on her nose.

Disney doesn't give you bags anymore so Ty attached the Belle dress to his coat.

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