Thursday, November 8, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

I got to volunteer for Pumpkin Mania at Carter's school on Halloween.
There were different pumpkin-themed stations and I was in charge of pumpkin decorating.
Carter counting pumpkin seeds at one of the other stations.
There were extra pumpkins so Elise got to decorate one too.

Tesla in her pumpkin costume.

Ready to trick or treat on our street.
We took Tesla trick or treating on our street and she even got some treats.

Halloween dinner at a friend's before more trick or treating.
Mandarin oranges as pumpkins and mummy hot dogs for dinner.
Carter's mummy hot dog.
Ready to trick or treat.

Group shot of the kids before trick or treating.

Carter and Grant holding hands while trick or treating.
Group shot after trick or treating.
Last stop, Uncie J's house!
Elise woke up in the morning and came in wearing her purse.
One of Elise's best outfit choices of the week!
Pretending to be a teacher in my classroom.
Tesla and Skippy in a stare off.
Elise napping at school.
Elise wanted Tesla to sleep with her.
How they we sleeping when I checked on them before I went to bed.

Elise playing on the playground at school.
Elise took a picture of Tesla while we were in car line waiting to pick Carter up.
Snuggling in bed on Friday night while I was sick.
I was sick and sitting on the couch Saturday morning so Carter made me breakfast and even brought me sparking water in a water bottle, it was so sweet!

She loves her new dog bed!
2 laps are better than one!
Elise hugging Tesla.

Tesla was really interested in the dogs during Mary Poppins.
Carter home sick from school.

Enjoying chicken noodle soup for lunch.
Tesla helping me figure out who to vote for.
Carter getting his first professional haircut.

With our "I Voted" stickers!
Elise wrote an E for Elise on her box.
Taking a walk in the dark since it gets dark so early. I had her wear my light up vest I run in.
She loved it!
Elise with her lion tail.
Elise coloring while I volunteered at the book fair at Carter's school.
Elise helping me scan books at the book fair.


  1. Did you see that slim, trim guy with Tesla? Looking good, Ty!! And Elise's one outfit was awful, but the colors did match. Carter's accent is quite good, and I love Elise's facial expressions when she was watching. Was she in her doll's chair in that one picture? She looked huge on it.

  2. And I cast the videos to the TV so I can hear them really well. Elise was hilarious on the phone.