Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Elise wanted to play with tape so I let her make a design for Carter to peel up.
Daddy brought a crown home for Carter and he loved it!
Waiting for the big bucket to dump water on them.
Elise getting sympathy for a fall at the splash pad with friends.
Feeding her friend during our picnic at the splash pad.
Excited to learn about frogs.
So excited to have Jake with us!
Jake helping Elise plant seeds.
She ran off with my straw!
All 3 kids building a train track together.
Ready to walk to the library.
Elise matching her dolly thanks to clothes made by Oma!
Painting with water at the children's garden in the Botanic Garden.
They spent almost the entire time at this wall painting!
I tried to get them to take a break for a picture...
Carter refilling his water bucket.
Carter inside the giant.
Making music in the children's garden, notice his soaked shirt from refilling his bucket!
They had different insects on these and you spun the circle to make them move.
Playing in the tree house.
Took Jeremy out to try our new favorite burger place. It was a hit!
The lid to our sensory bin has a crack and Elise's favorite new game is shoving things in through the crack.
Making a tree out of Play Dough.
Carter loving on Elise during a run.
Elise loved running on the bubble wrap to pop it.
Feet out of the crib!


  1. I especially liked the videos of Elise and Ty dancing and Elise saying "chill". Carter kissing Elise in the stroller was precious.

    1. Wasn't that adorable. He loves to kiss on her and play with her in the stroller.