Thursday, August 18, 2016

My New Bob

Last week I forgot to pack my stroller into the car after a run and someone took it before I made it back to pick my stroller up, more here. It was so upsetting and I still haven't forgiven myself for such a silly mistake. It did make me feel better when I was talking to a friend and she said she had done the same thing. She forgot to load her stroller at the zoo and realized it before she made it out of the parking lot. She circled back around and someone had already taken it. I felt horrible that the same thing had happened to her, but I did feel better knowing I wasn't alone. What made me feel infinitely better was how supportive Ty was. He knew I felt terrible and he was very thoughtful in his responses. I'm sure he was also disappointed and hated to lose something worth so much money, but he never said anything to make me feel that way. He was very careful to say things to support me and lift me up from my low, rather than put me down and make me feel even worse about my mistake. He is constantly reminding me of how important it is to love others no matter what their mistakes and how wonderful he is for always supporting me no matter what. He went so far as to order a new stroller late in the week, even choosing blue lagoon since it looked close to my favorite color, turquoise.
Carter peeking at me on our run this morning.
Obviously it was not ideal for us to be replacing our double running stroller, but I'm so glad we did. We got it this weekend and I have used it every day since. Monday I took the kids for a 5 mile run in the morning. Tuesday we spent the morning at the zoo with friends, kid swapping from wagons to strollers and I was able to fit extra coolers of lunches in the bottom of my stroller. Wednesday was our first day with sweet Jake back and we walked to the playground in the morning. Then today I took the kids on another 5 mile run. The stroller isn't a necessity, but it sure makes our days easier and our trips more enjoyable. We were without our stroller for 3 days and I missed it so much more than I expected. At first I felt like we shouldn't replace it as I didn't feel I deserved nice things, but Ty convinced me to. It wasn't just about me, but also about the kids.

Ready for our first run in the stroller on Monday morning.
Kid swapping at the zoo on Tuesday.

Carter riding on the front of the stroller while Elise and Jake rode in it on Wednesday.
Our new stroller is the newer version of the stroller we already had. I feel like it rides the same and has all the same features our old one had that I loved. Some differences that I think are pretty awesome are that there are flaps that hang down behind the kids' seats. Before when it rained, even with the weather shield, water would sometimes make it's way in back there. The crazy thing is seeing all the sweat built up on the flaps when I'm done running. As I run I guess my sweat flies off and lands there. I never noticed before but I do now because the fabric is water resistant and the sweat beads up on it. The handle bars are adjustable which would be nice for taller people. It doesn't really affect me other than that I can adjust the handle bar so the stroller folds up even smaller than it already did and fits better in our trunk. The absolute best part of the new stroller is how much easier it is to adjust the seated position of the kids. Before I had a hard time adjusting how much tilt there was to their seats. Now it is crazy easy and I can even do it with both kids sitting in the stroller. I'm not sure if there really is a difference, but it seems to me like there is more under stroller storage area. I'd rather still have my old stroller, but I sure am thankful we were able to replace it once it was gone. Now I've trained Carter to ask me if I remembered to pack the stroller when I get in the car to drive home. Right now that means the entire time I am loading the kids and the stroller he asks me. Then when we get home, he double checks. I love my sweet little helper and that he can be a part of my system with checks and balances! Here's to a long life with our new stroller!
This shows the flaps on the back of the stroller.

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