Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

I thought I'd do yoga outside while Carter played, he and Harper had other plans.
Don't worry, Elise was not in the stroller, she was in the baby carrier.
She wasn't sure about a new headband we got as a gift.
Ready for teddy bear storytime at the library.
Where's Carter?!!?

The school by our house really needs to mow!
Carter picked out Elise's outfit.
When he saw me taking pictures he asked to hold her for a picture.
He just kept trying until she stopped crying.
Daddy put 2 cucumbers on the list but we found this one!
Carter watching Elise get wrapped up for pictures.
Pacifier hoarder!
Trying a nap in her crib.


  1. I love when he has Elise crushed to his chest and she'd crying. And you can't beat him dancing.

    1. He had her in his lap and she kept crying, so he tried that. Then he decided to rock her and that worked.