Friday, May 8, 2015

Funny Stuff Carter Says: Vol. 2

My sweet and silly little boy!

After lunch Carter walked up to me and excitedly said, "One treat, two treat!"  
I'm not sure what he was hoping to receive but he must've thought it would be his reward for counting.

I put Carter down for a nap and he didn't want to sleep right away.  As I went into the living room I heard him yell, "Mommy c'mere, please!"

While playing in the backyard, "Harper bad girl, eat poop!"

Carter was walking down the hall and yelled, "Harper poopeet!"
I knew there was no way Harper had pooped so I walked down there to find a raisin he had dropped on the floor.

While we were taking a bath...
Me: Oh no, I forgot to bring clothes in to put on when I get out.
Carter: Ty!  Bring clothes mommy put on, please!

While playing with Lego's at the library with 2 other kids Carter made his Lego person walk up to the door of a house.
Carter: Knock, knock.
Little girl: Who's there?
Carter: Somebody else!

Carter was building a house out of blocks with other kids.  He tore the whole thing down and I thought he did it on accident.
Me: Carter, what were you trying to do?
Carter: Knock down and break house.  
At least he's honest!

We were getting ready to leave the house and I couldn't find my keys.
Me: Carter have you seen my keys?
Carter: Oh yes, Carter cardeet (carried) keys away.
Me: Where are they?
Carter: Ummmm, kitchen!
I check the kitchen.
Me: Carter, I don't see them. Where in the kitchen?
Carter: Oh no, issy's room.
I check her room.
Me: Carter, I don't see them.
Carter: Oh, yes, cardeet here. While pointing at my dresser.
Me: Hmmm, they aren't there.
Carter takes off down the hall and I follow him. I stop in our entryway and find my keys on our bench covered with mail.
Me: Here they are, Carter! I don't think you carried them away.
Carter: Carter joking, mommy. He starts laughing.
Can't believe he went to such lengths to play a joke on me.  Granted I did laugh for a long time!

I went to put Carter down for a nap and we couldn't find his beloved Big Al lovie.
Me: Carter I can't find it anywhere, do you know where it might be? (After ripping his bed apart, even pulling the mattress off so I could see under it).
Carter: Harper eat it!  Naughty Harper!  Not nice!!!!
Me: I don't think she ate it.
Carter: Looks like Big Al! while pointing to a small blanket he has that looks just like the blanket part of Big Al.
Me: Could you sleep with this and pretend it's Big Al?
Carter: No noise, Big Al make noise. while swinging the blanket around in the air.
Carter eventually agreed to take his nap without Big Al and Ty later found Big Al in Elise's room under a pile of toys Carter had dumped out. 

Funny Stories:

I was getting ready in the bathroom one morning and heard Carter knocking on a door.  Then he came running to me and yelled, "Uncie J!!!!" and wanted me to follow him to the front door.  I wasn't convinced that Uncie J was at the door so I went back into the bathroom.  He again knocked on the front door and came in exclaiming, "Uncie J!!!!"  He did it about 4 times before he finally gave up.

We were coloring a picture of 2 cats sitting together.  One was obviously supposed to be a female and the other was a male.  There were hearts all over the picture.  When Carter finished coloring he pointed at the male cat and said it was Opa.  Then he pointed at the female cat and said it was Oma.  I told him, "Yes, Oma and Opa love each other."  Then he declared, "Oma and Opa kiss!"  Next he pointed at the female cat, saying it was mommy and the male cat saying it was daddy.  I agreed that we love each other.  Lastly he pointed at the male cat and said "Carcar".  I said, "If that's you, who's this?" while pointing at the female cat.  He looked at me very seriously and said, "Harper!"

Whenever Carter does something he thinks is really good and deserves praise, he'll look at whoever's around and say, "Yay, Carcar!" waiting for you to clap and cheer for him.

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