Friday, May 22, 2015

Elise Meets Family

Last weekend we visited Ty's hometown.  Ty took off a half day Friday so we could get on the road at nap time and make it to visit family sooner. Carter napped well and then we read books and he watched some Elmo on our tablet. Elise woke up hungry during the drive so I pumped and gave her a bottle so we didn't have to stop. The drive went really well. When we arrived Ty noticed his dad's car wasn't parked in the garage and as we walked through we saw why, he had decorated the garage floor with sidewalk chalk to welcome us! Another special surprise was that Gma was already home. We didn't realize she was already off work and had prepared Carter so he wouldn't be disappointed that she wasn't there when we arrived.
Our special welcome sign in the garage.
Leina had planned to build a fire and cook hot dogs and s'mores but it had rained all day and was too wet and muddy so we moved the activities indoors with Rocky cooking the hot dogs (which were actually special organic turkey dogs and buffalo dogs) on the grill and Leina making s'mores in the microwave. Ty's best friends from college came over with their 2 kids. Carter loves their daughter who is a year older than him. He also enjoyed their son more because he's now a year old and walking. Carter had a blast playing with his Gma and friend after dinner and then having them supervise as he took a bath.
Carter supervising while Gpa attempts to build a fire.
Gma helping Elise ride a bike like Carter.
Carter eating dinner with his buddy.
Microwave s'mores are the next best thing!
She was trying to help Carter get his socks on.  It was beyond cute!
That night Carter had a rough night waking up a couple times. Ty eventually slept in bed with him because he was so upset. Gigi, Papa, and Great Aunt Tina came over at 10:00 Saturday morning. Great Aunt Tina got the first smile from Elise but Gigi had the most memorable moment. Elise pooped up and out the back of her diaper without us noticing. When Gigi moved her Tina realized Elise's pants were a different color. It turned out Gigi had poop on her shirt, pants, and actually inside the cuff of her shirt! We all got quite the laugh out of it joking that we needed to pass Elise to Gigi anytime she had gas. Poor Gigi had to go home to change and brought back a change of clothes with her just in case! Gigi came bearing gifts. Carter received a blanket with dogs on it and Elise, a beautiful quilt!
Elise with Aunt Tina.
Elise with Gigi before her blow out.
Elise with Papa after her blow out and a clothing change.
Gigi and Elise after the blow out in their clothing changes.
While Carter was sitting on my lap I thought he felt really warm and had an elevated temperature but was assured by others that he felt normal. Leina made delicious salad bowls out of tortillas and we all made our own taco salads for lunch. Carter was so tired he decided he wanted to skip lunch and go straight down for a nap. I put him down figuring he'd be crying in a few minutes to get up but he stayed down. After lunch we were all sitting around talking and Ty disappeared. I went to check on him and found him standing in Carter's room. He said Carter was definitely sick as he'd called for him but refused to get up when Ty got down there. I felt him and thought he felt even warmer than before. Ty found a thermometer and Carter's temperature was around 102 degrees! He laid in bed for a while before I took him upstairs so he could lay and rest while still seeing everyone else.
Gigi helping put Carter down for his nap with his new blanket.
Sick boy resting before more visitors arrived.
Sick boy enjoying his new blanket while watching Elmo.
They all left after a while and Leina called to warn our next set of visitors who all decided to come anyway. Great Grandma and Grandpa arrived first followed by Great Aunt Gena, Uncle Karl, and Jessica. Carter had gotten a dose of Motrin and was feeling much better. As he opened a present from his great grandparents he ohhed and ahhhed. Exclaiming, "Wow!" once he had it unwarapped. They had gotten him a Blue's Clues DVD which we popped in for him and an animal book for Elise which he read to everyone pointing to and naming all of the animals much to his great grandma's delight.
Elise with Great Grandma.
Elise with Aunt Gena.
Elise with Jessica.
Carter wanted to play outside so Rocky, Leina, Gena, and I headed out with him. All day Leina had been trying to fly a kite but the wind just wasn't cooperating. She pulled it out for Carter and he ran with it. I ran behind him holding it high enough for it to fly. Carter headed down a hill in their driveway and I didn't think anything about it until I slid in a wet area covered with leaves and went down. Rocky was instantly worried I had broken a toe with how I fell but I was worried about my jean capris. They happened to be the only pants that I can button and feel good about myself in as they don't give me a muffin top. I stretched out my leg and sure enough they were ripped across the knee. With that we put the kite away and Ty arrived shortly after with pizza for dinner so we headed inside. Dessert was dirt cake for Ty's birthday and chocolate silk pie for Great Grandpa's birthday. Carter loves birthdays and was so excited to help blow out the candles.

Poor sick boy being rocked by his Gma.
The next morning Carter woke up still not feeling up to par so his Gma made him a special breakfast tray to eat on the couch while watching a movie.  When he started feeling better he wanted to go outside so we headed out and he rode bikes with his Gma.  She put on her helmet and was riding her bike around with him.  She'd get really close to him telling him to watch out and he thought it was he funniest game.  Since she was wearing a helmet he wanted to wear one too.  She told him she probably had one of his daddy or Uncle Paul's helmets in the garage.  He insisted on wearing Uncle Paul's helmet.  It was precious!  It was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend with family!
Gma set Carter up with breakfast on the couch and a movie Sunday morning.  Sick in style!


  1. I love the garage floor and Carter's breakfast tray! You can sure tell he doesn't feel well in some of the pictures. And when Gma is rocking him, he really looks big! Elise is looking pretty big, too.

    1. He does look big! Thanks to timehop I'm noticing that more and more!