Monday, October 7, 2019

Funny Stuff the Kids Say

Carter dropped his mint and then when I tried to give him mine, we fumbled it and dropped it. Elise said, "Here, you can have mine," and tried to give him hers out of her mouth.

Elise: Do I have school tomorrow?
Me: No
Elise: What about tomorrow?

"Does God talk to Santa?" -Carter

"Are God and Santa friends?" -Carter

The kids were playing with a toy rotary phone in the car. Carter called Elise and said, "This is Opa. I need you to bring me a new toilet because we had an elephant stampede come through and stomp on our toilet. We watched Jumanji and then we had a stampede."

Then later: "I'm Opa. I'm a crazy driver and I drove right into Target because some mice chewed up my brakes."

Carter was referring to the movie "Home on the Range." He called it Home on the Grinch and then Home on the Ranchard.

"Oma and Opa pay for us to do that because they love us so much and they have a lot of money from going to the casino." -Carter

Elise: Do you remember that place we went to where you eat it with a spoon?
Me: I'm not sure, can you tell me more?
Elise: That place where you eat it with a spoon and there were bumblebees there.
Me: I'm not sure. What do you eat there?
Elise: Oh yeah, you weren't there!

Carter's Friend: Boys are so tough but girls aren't tough.
Carter: Actually my sister, Elise, is so tough!

I showed the kids the old Taco Bell Chihuahua commercials. Carter loves them and keeps accidentally calling the chihuahua, Chewbacca.

I braided Elise's hair one morning before school.
Carter: Let me see it. Oh cool!
Elise: Yeah, it's gorgeous!
Carter: People are going to tell you all day how good it looks!

I was cleaning out a bin that had been in the garage when Elise pointed out a spider that was on the side close to where I had been about to touch. It ended up being a black widow. Later Elise walked in the room where I was and said to me, "You're welcome for saving your life, mommy."

Elise: What's the girl's name. Oh yeah, hairy-mine-ee. Meaning Hermoine from Harry Potter.

The kids and I were playing charades. I was acting out being a human. Carter couldn't guess it so I gave him some clues. 
Me: I'm a hu....
Carter: Humongous!


  1. Bahahahaha! And I'm getting free money from Kansas Crossing again. It works if you play the free money and walk out. :)

    1. But you also have to be lucky too! I always just lose the free money and then leave, haha!