Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

A picture of Elise at school from her teacher.

Elise lost her first tooth!

Tesla was so excited to have me and Elise home with her on Friday!
Showing off her missing tooth!

She wanted to take some selfies of her missing tooth.

Elise wanted to take pictures of Tesla. She was all over me!

Elise had to give Tesla love too!

Elise wanted to play outside and then laid down on the trampoline to play with cars and Lego people.

Enjoying the state fair!

A picture of Ty, mom, and Dad from the Hurts Donut Dash.

Elise has a blast at a friend's birthday party.

Carter showing off his boat made out of recycled materials.

Elise and Ty at her dad's night at school.

Global Walk to School Day!

Elise wanted to walk Carter to school on Walk to School Day.
One of the kids put this dog on the door handle.


  1. I was very impressed with Carter's boat. And, Elise is quite the gymnast.

    1. Thanks, he was disappointed it didn't float as straight as he had hoped. Elise sure is!