Thursday, October 10, 2019

Wordless Thursday

It seems like since school started we have something going on pretty much every weeknight. It can be exhausting! I went to a budget meeting for our school district because we are facing another $20 million dollars in cuts from the state of Oklahoma on Monday. Tuesday was our parent/teacher conference with Carter's teacher followed by Boy Scouts. Wednesday was gymnastics and consigner drop-off for the Rhea Lana sale meaning putting all the labels on and putting all the items out at the store. It has been busy! So another week and another Wordless Thursday instead of Wednesday, haha!
Elise asked me to braid her hair. I need some practice but she was quite pleased.

She said, "It looks gorgeous!"
Got out the Halloween decorations and walked by to find Carter reading The Halloweiner to Elise. Not only is he so sweet to read her the books she chooses, she is so patient and never complains that he reads a little slower.
The next morning they were both in the living room reading Halloween books.
Made Tesla squeeze into Harper's first Halloween costume.
Playing Hatchimals.
Apparently this is the only picture I took at Eagle Fest.
Dad taking off in the Zoo Run 5k.

Elise having a tea party with Fezzik.

I missed getting a picture of Thomas wearing the butterfly wings. I was very disappointed!
Fezzik is so surprised!
Snuggle puppy!

Ready to go for a run together in the rain, thanks to mom and dad watching the kids.
Post run picture, we accidentally matched under our rain jackets.
She puts together the best outfits!
Chilly and rainy day at the fair. It worked out that we hadn't been in any of the buildings on our other trips to the fair!

We were in the butterfly house for over an hour and Elise didn't want to leave, $3 well worth it!

Elise was so sweet, she'd get a butterfly and then take it over and help someone else get it on their hand. She loved sharing "her butterflies."

We were trying to find the flavor burst ice cream cones because my grandparents always took me to get them in Branson but everywhere we went, they were out or their machine was broken. Elise went with a giant cookie instead and Carter chose M&M ice cream.

Walking back to the car. Carter challenged us to a race but I refused to participate, haha!
Elise planned her whole outfit around wearing these shoes. Who was I to discourage her from where lace up high tops to school?

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