Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

We chased down the ice cream truck.

Carter reading to Elise.
Quizzing her on the animal names.

Elise loves her new book nook I put together in her room.

Aqua Tots at the aquarium.

They love sitting next to each other in the Honda.

On our way to Harper's vet appointment she sat in Carter's seat.

We took Harper on a hike after her lymphoma diagnosis.
Uncie Taco wanted to come with us to get Harper a pup cup so he crammed in between the car seats.
Harper eating her first pup cup!

Harper sleeping with Elise at Oma and Opa's house.

Carter enjoying at special crepe.
Big Brutus!

Ready for our drive home. Harper wanted to sit with the kids.

Carter said, "Harper's watching my movie with me."
Cutting strips for his countdown to school chain.
Elise making hers as well.
Carter laying on a bed of nails.
Elise trying it out.
Carter made a house around our friend's son.

Harper laying between the rooms so she could keep an eye on everyone at once.
Harper hanging out with me in the garage while I did strength training.
Partway through our walk I realized Harper and I matched.
Group photo at Big Brutus.

Elise loving on Harper.

Hiking with Harper at a spot she'd never been to before.

Elise checking out a monarch caterpillar.

The kids wanted to order ice cream at Sam's Club on their own.
A couple of superheroes ready for rest time.
Elise was still sucking her thumb through her mask with gloves on!

Superhero rest time!
Harper enjoyed part of our walk sans leash (just the last stretch of street home).
She kept stopping and looking back to check on me.
Special love for Harper.


  1. Carter has good balance. We'll need to try a bike with no training wheels sometime when you're here. Harper LOVED her special food!

    1. Good idea because he was not having it when we tried it here! He does have great balance so you'd think riding a bike would be easy for him!