Friday, October 7, 2016

Funny Stuff Carter Says

"I like seeing pretty stuff in the sky. When I see pretty stuff in the sky I know we are almost to Oma and Opa's. I love Oma and Opa. Them are my favorite characters. They are funny characters."

Now that Carter has figured out how to take pictures, there is no stopping him! I thought these selfies were perfect to go with this post.
"Mommy, I can't wait to have another baby. Remember daddy said we can have another baby? I am going to call him Factory Dactory or Maki. I'll call him Maki when he's a baby and Factory Dactory when he turns two and is bigger."

Jake: I have a boo boo on my leg.
Carter: I don't see it, where is it?
Jake: Right here (pointing at his knee).
Carter: I still don't see it. I think you are pretending. Are you imagining?
Jake: Yes (while laughing).

"Jake come over here. I'm going to count so you better hurry! Okay, Jake, 1...2...3... Jake I'm counting to 5, okay? 4...5."
Not sure where he got that one, haha!

"Whose belly did you grow in?"

Carter: What are we doing after naps?
Me: We talked about going on a hike at Turkey Mountain.
Carter: No, thanks.
Me: Darn, I was looking forward to that.
Carter: Well that's your decision. Push my bike at turkey mountain or let me ride me bike. That's your decisions.
Me: Shall we go to Riverside so you can ride your bike?"
Carter: That wasn't one of your choices.
Not sure where he got that one either...

"I'm growing more hair on my legs because I'm turning into a daddy. See?" while pointing to his lower leg.

Carter talking about school: It's kind of boring at first because we read books and we have to just sit. We have to wait on the rest of our friends to get there. I just want to taste the apples.
Me: That's the way life is, Carter. You have to make it through stuff that's not as much fun to get to the really exciting things. Not everything can be really exciting.
Carter: Oh, that makes sense! Like at gymnastics when I had to do all that exercise first and then play in the ball pit!
Me: Exactly!

Carter: We get to go to the fair because you were the first girl. How did you win?
Me: Well, I like to run so I train hard and run hard in races.
Carter: And Uncie J won last year. When will daddy win a race?
Me: Well, daddy doesn't like to run as much as I do so he doesn't train as hard so he'll probably never win a race.
Carter: What about Opa?
Me: Opa used to be fast enough to win races but now that he's older he can win his age group but not a race.
Carter: Okay. And Uncie Taco's like daddy.
Me: Yep, that's true.
Carter: And Oma is a slow folk. 

Funny Stories:

Carter knows the names of his friends at school now, but at first he was confused. He came home telling me he there was a boy named Space Jam and a girl named Friendly. I looked at his class list and figured out their names are Sebastian and Brynlee. 

We had the book 1-2-3 Zooborns checked out from the library. Elise looked at the picture of baby cheetahs on the cover and said, "Baby rarrrrr."


  1. Very good. We'll have to remind him, slow folk can medal too. haha Good pictures!

    1. It's all relative. In a different family you would be considered fast folk!