Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wordless Wednesday

Ready for our Valentine's Day parties at school on Thursday!

Showing off their valentines from Great Grandma and Grandpa Hurford.

Elise enjoying her valentine treats at her party.

Singing me a song.

At Carter's Valentine's Day party at school on Friday.
Both blinking.
Just Elise blinking.
Elise got a Friendship Gram sent to her from one of Carter's sisters.
Making cake balls on Valentine's Day.
Matching shirts on Valentine's Day!

Heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day dinner.
Everyone over for our strawberry cake balls for dessert on Valentine's Day.
Awkward snuggles.
Puppy pillow!
Carter with the narwhal mom bought half price after Valentine's Day.

Making monoliths at Sunday Funday at the Gilcrease Museum.

Sharing their artwork in the poetry room during Sunday Funday.

The kids wanted to take the dogs on a walk Monday morning when we were off school for President's Day and also happened to be dog sitting Fezzik.

Sensory for the Young Scientist at the Children's Museum.
Painting with vegetables.

Carter pretending to eat a carrot after painting with it.
Watching a science demonstration. Carter loved it, he was just serious.

It was easier to tell Elise loved the science demonstration!
Elise took some pictures while we were at the park with friends.

Carter was off school on Tuesday but Elise and I weren't. Ty took the day off work and took Carter ice skating for the first time.

Walking Oma and Opa's dogs. Stella Bella is a new adoption.

Carter with his Valentine's Day box for school on Valentine's Day, it just uploaded out of order.


  1. Very cute. I didn't hear Carter talk at the museum. Did he just show a picture? Does he still like the narwhal? If so, his bed is getting kind of crowded.

    1. I walked in right as he was talking so I didn't get the video started until he was finished talking. He and Elise trade off with the narwhal. Carter gets it one night and Elise gets it the next.