Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Here are some attempts at family photos.
There was a cat across the street and Elise was yelling "kitty!"
Elise wearing one of the finisher's medals from the Turkey Trot.
Elise wanted to try the bed, she didn't sleep there overnight.
Thomas taking a nap with 5 dogs!
My friend Melissa with her sons.
Carter wanted to roast marshmallows so I came out to find dad doing all the work while Carter ran laps in the yard.
The kids watching as the men moved the piano to the basement.
We went on a walk to look at Christmas lights.
Harper napping in a cat bed.
Elise trying out Carter's cowboy boots.
I attempted a Christmas photo shoot so I could have some pictures for our Christmas cards.
The only way Elise would almost cooperate was when I hid behind the blanket so she could sit on my lap.
Poor sis was sick!
Watching me do a dance for them.
Carter signed his name all by himself with no help. He didn't even look of his name written somewhere!
Elise's first time painting with watercolors.
How sis rolls at the playground.
Carter was thrilled to run around Wal-Mart in jammies when we went to buy jumper cables first thing in the morning because Uncie Taco's car wouldn't start!
M.C. Hammer's got nothin on Elise!
I hate when she doesn't feel well but I LOVE the snuggles!


  1. Carter did a great job writing his name. You got a great picture of Carter running at WalMart!

    1. He thought it was the best not wearing shoes at Wal-Mart. I was in a hurry and didn't notice he wasn't wearing any until we got there, oh well!