Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

A girl in my class had her hair braided one day so Elise wanted me to braid her hair.
I've never braided someone else's hair. I need some practice but Elise still loved it!

Napping at school with her babies.
Elise wanted me to take her picture on the way home from the library.

Elise wanted to try out the animal cracker graph I made for my class.

Checking out their eggs after an Easter Egg Hunt. Elise got 3 special prize eggs!

Ty looking fancy at Addison's birthday party!

Mom accidentally drew on herself.

Ceramic baskets and eggs they got to paint at a class.
Carter working on a craft I took to do with his class for Community Helpers. I got to tell them about what I do in my job and showed them some of the stuff I do with my students. 
I took the Z for Zebra craft activity and animal cracker graph I did with my class the week before.

Elise got to hang out with Uncie J while I was at Carter's school.

Elise had a blast with Uncie J!

Elise wanted to color a Community Helpers sheet I was making copies of for my class.
Elise wearing a cute new outfit and new shoes.

She's getting to where she enjoys posing.


Another Easter Egg Hunt at a park by our house.
Elise's favorite color is blue so she wanted to trade Carter Easter baskets. He did.

Lego Club at the library.
Firefighter visit at school.

Helping students in Carter's craft when I was there for Community Helpers.
Elise let me put pig tails in her hair!
She posed for the picture but didn't want to smile.


Easter Egg Hunt at the library during storytime.

We got to decorate eggs during storytime too!
Elise with her eggs, thanks to Ms. Tanzy!

Elise and Tesla snuggled me so sweetly I decided to just lay there and read until we needed to pick Carter up 45 minutes later.
Hugging the egg Ms. Tanzy made him.
Ms. Tanzy sent the extra eggs home for Carter to dye.