Thursday, August 23, 2018

Wordless Thursday

I wanted to get Carter's first day of school post up yesterday on his first day of school so Wordless Wednesday is a day late. I also want to add how adorable it is that Carter hears things at school and remembers them. His teacher told them they were supposed to tuck in their shirts so this morning when he got dressed he tucked his shirt in all by himself. I love that he can be responsible for things like that. I wasn't too thrilled he had to wear a uniform this year but so far love it. It's nice that when we are out and about we can recognize other kids who go to his school. Yesterday we saw a kid from his school at the play place. The kids also look so professional and Carter really takes pride in following the rules and wearing his uniform correctly. I'm sold on the uniforms already on day 2!
Watching a Will Rogers movie at the Will Rogers Museum.

Taking Harper on a hike.
Poor Opa wasn't dressed for a hike and it was super muddy and slippery!

I wanted to get some family pictures with Harper.

When your dog has cancer so you feel bad making her move and instead, sweep around her!

When your dog is sweet and smart and figures out what you're doing so she moves for you.

My trusty workout buddies.

Harper actually looks like she's smiling for this picture!

Carter was sad there weren't other kids on the playground so Harper stepped up to play with him.

We met up with Uncie J and his dogs on a walk.

Carter and Elise both wanted to go on a run with me so Carter rode his bike and Elise rode in the stroller.

Kindergarten Bibles and Blessings at church.

Two old buddies napping together.

We saw some deer on our hike.

We found a spider with a little tunnel coming from its web that it was hiding in.

Carter said he wasn't tired and didn't need to nap...

Meet the Teacher at Carter's school.

Carter with his teacher.

Posing by his locker.

Carter made a box robot.

Elise was whispering into Harper's ear and then started poking her ear.

Talking on the phone to her "Opa Daddy."

Naptime while Carter was at school.

Naptime with my girls, ignore the laundry I haphazardly threw off the bed onto my nightstand so we could lay down.