Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Uncie Taco giving Carter a hair cut.
Checking out the penguins at the zoo.

Ready to play Twister.

Elise was excited to wear her new leotard from Oma and Opa to gymnastics!

Carter fell asleep like this during rest time.
Elise crashed our date night because she didn't want to stay at Kids Night Out at church.

Carter got on this and said he was the Lorax.

Hiking at Greenleaf State Park.

Elise showing off her new leggings and Carter wanted in the picture.

4th of July sensory bin.

There was a puppy at the splash pad and Elise was smitten!

Pretending to nap at Uncie Taco's house.
Elise giving Skippy night night kisses.
Playing 4th of July Bingo.

Waiting for the bucket to splash them at the splash pad.
Friends, sno cones, and a splash pad make for a great day!

Loaded up and ready to drive to Oma and Opa's for the 4th of July!
Cut 10 inches off to donate to Locks of Love again.

Elise fall asleep on the porch swing with Opa.

Carter made a friend and went bike riding with him.
Enjoying rides at Kiddieland.

I handed Carter his double popsicle and he asked me to break it in half so he could share with Hayden.



  1. Your haircut and Carter's looked really good. A full Wordless Wednesday.