Thursday, April 19, 2018

Funny Stuff the Kids Say


"Mommy, how do you make a hat out of your hair?"

Me after having a glass of wine at dinner: Carter will you go tell daddy he's going to have to drive me?
Carter: I know why you can't drive!
Me: Oh yeah, why?
Carter: Your arms are tired!

"Every movie has a movie 2... unless there's just one."

Carter: What you doing today?
Carter: Just some business.
Carter: What kind of business?
Carter: Monkey business!

"I don't eat cake or cupcakes anymore. It's too much for me. I want to be healthy."

Carter: Do you have a boss at work?
Ty: Yes
Carter: Your real boss is God.
Photo courtesy of Jake.

"Cover your mouth (to someone coughing), I don't want my daddy to get sick!"

Me: I had so much fun with you today!
Elise: You're welcome!

Elise: Do you wanna get germs in your mouth?
Me: No
Elise: Then cover your mouth!

"I hate dinosaurs. Them have teeth soooo I don't want them in my books. I want cupcakes and cheese."

Me joking around: No one likes me.
Elise: I do!

The post officer stopped us as we were walking home to give us a package. Then Elise said, "Why did that man give you a present?"

Rocking Elise before her nap and she randomly said, "I wonder what Santa's up to."

I smiled at Elise and she said to me, "Please don't be happy."
My silly girl!


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    1. I think my favorite is Elise's little booty shake dance she does. I need to get a video of it!

  2. I LOVED "funny stuff the kids say!" Carter and Elise are hilarious!