Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Carter asked me if he could write a book while I was cooking dinner.
Carter playing with a compass.
Elise kept ripping her bow out of her hair so Carter put a bunch in his hair.
Elise put pink cowboy boots on, it was so cute!
I didn't check to make sure they fit and it wasn't until she fell down that I realized they were 2 sizes too big, haha!
We went out for ice cream on my last day to watch the kids.
Working on a place mat his Great Grandma Shupe sent.
Elise figured out where her blankets are kept in the closet, she pulled all of them out and asks to be covered up with all of them every night.
Elise making nice with Skippy.
Elise became friends with a little girl who looks a lot like her.
Carter writing a book about volcanoes and earthquakes.
Carter coloring the picture that was on the inside of the pull up box.
Elise saw me putting my hair in a ponytail and asked me to put her hair up too.
We got to visit our 2nd state park, Natural Falls State Park.
Looking down at the waterfall from the overlook.
The beautiful 77 foot waterfall.
Elise was super proud to go across the river with daddy on a fallen tree.
Carter got tired.
We went back down to look at the waterfall one more time before we left and saw a rainbow!
Playing with shadow puppets behind our shadow theater.
Playing in the dirt while I waited in line at the Children's Museum for a special event.
Carter posing in front of the Children's Museum backdrop during the eclipse viewing party.
When I finally talked Elise into a picture Carter didn't want to come back.
When I finally talked Carter into coming back for a picture, Elise refused to stand in front of the backdrop.
Ready to view the eclipse.
Playing at the splash pad in between checking on the sun.
We loved the crescents in all the shadows during the eclipse!
Elise really wanted to wear her boots for some reason.
Meeting the pig at Talking is Teaching.
The pig from the "If You Give A..." book series.
I tried trimming Carter's hair a little.
Elise doing somersaults.
Being silly with Oreos.
Carter took his shirt off because it was wet so Jake had to take his off too.
Thomas came over to even up Carter's hair with trimmers for me.
They loved the Children's Zoo at the OKC Zoo.
Flamingos for Opa.
Playing in the stream.
Climbing like a monkey while watching the monkeys climb.
Elise was pushing Carter like it was a swing.
Waiting for the elephant show.
Sitting on the rhino statue in front of the rhino exhibit, the rhino was in the mud in the background.
Carter got to help during the elephant show because he identified one of our 5 senses.
Trying to lift a tusk.



  1. Why was Carter's tongue so blue? And Elise had a cute smile in that one. And just before the picture where Ty is carrying Carter because Carter was tired, I thought Carter looked really tired. Very good pictures. And I like the fact the pull-ups have such a good picture inside.

    1. Oh my goodness, that is so funny! I didn't even notice it and had to go back to see which picture you were talking about. He has the compass in his mouth upside-down and the bottom of it is purple.