Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Favorite Season

I came across this fun post I wrote at the beginning of the summer and never published.

I've always thought of fall as my favorite season. It means cool weather, perfect for jeans and a t-shirt or light jacket. It means cross country season and fall half-marathons. It is my favorite season for running and racing. After a summer that ends with 100+ degree weather on the daily, the cooler temps are a welcome relief. As a student and then as a teacher summer was my favorite season, I thought, simply because I was "off" (as a teacher I still worked a lot on classroom stuff, but didn't have typical hours at school). Now that I'm home all year round and my day-to-day doesn't change at all during the summer, I realize that summer really is my favorite season and for so many reasons other than just being "off". There is so much I love about summer. Here are my favorite things:

  • Longer daylight hours which also means more time out in the sun. I never knew how big this is for me until I finally made the connection between less time in the sunlight during the winter and more down in the dumps days for me. I get a mild case of Seasonal Affective Disorder every winter which is just SAD, haha!
  • Spending most of our waking hours outside. Whether it's at the splash pad or in the kiddie pool in the backyard, we find a way to be outside and stay cool.
  • Popsicles, ice cream, and sno cones.
  • S'mores, especially when cooked over a campfire or a fire pit outside.
  • Zac Brown Band to me is just the perfect summer music and I love jamming out on Pandora while we play outside.
  • The summer reading program. It always inspires me to start reading more which often time means carving out part of naptime to read and dropping some of my chores which I really should do year-round! Plus all the fun activities and events for kids that are part of the program.
  • Picnics at the park or in the backyard. 
  • Sweet baby legs! Warmer weather means wearing shorts which means I get to see my sweet babies' legs on a daily basis and they are oh so adorable. Elise in dresses just makes my heart smile!
  • Playing in the water at splash pads and pools.
  • All the green grass and the pretty flowers blooming, although it gets hot enough around here that if we don't get rain the grass quickly goes brown!
  • Really the main thing that I love is being outside. No matter what the weather you can play outside in the summer, even if it's raining because that just means you are going to be cooler!
  • And now I have another reason to love summer, Carter home with me all day every day!


  1. I always liked summer, too, but I'm not sure it's my favorite. We just got back from walking the dogs and I'm too hot. Plus ticks and chiggers and fleas.

    1. Yeah, I think living here has helped me do better in the heat. I really don't mind 100+ degree weather too much. It's when it's also super humid that gets me! Mosquitoes are my big annoyance!

  2. I'm a big fan of summer too, aside from it making race times slower. ;-) I could also do without the bugs! But heat > freezing cold for me any day.