Thursday, March 23, 2017

What Carter Says About Elise at 2 Years Old

Last year I asked Carter some questions about Elise on her birthday. It was so cute and I was impressed by how accurate his answers were. Read last year's post here. When her birthday rolled around this year I just had to do it with him again and was surprised by how much he enjoyed it! When we were done he said, "No more questions?!" Since he wanted to keep going I added a few more. I am looking forward to Elise being able to answer questions about Carter!

What are Elise's nicknames?
Elisey Kay, Elisey Kaydle

How old is Elise?
Almost turning 2.

What is her favorite color?
Yellow and blue (these are the only color names she says, so very accurate on his part!)

What is her favorite animal?
Otter (she has been obsessed with an otter stuffed animal lately and she loves seeing the otters at the aquarium )

What is her favorite book?
Her favorite book is about colors, the book we got at Talking is Teaching after night.

What is her favorite tv show?
It's PJ Masks cause she says Keekee and Gekko in her bed.

What is her favorite movie?
She doesn't like any movies, she just likes PJ Mask, a show.

What is her favorite song?
PJ Mask theme song (he sang it to me, rather than naming it)

What is her favorite food?
Mac and cheese

What is her favorite drink?
Punch juice

What is her favorite breakfast food?

What is her favorite snack?
It's fruit snacks!

What is her favorite game?

What is her favorite thing to play?
Trains with me.

What is her favorite toy?
Her baby.

Who is her best friend?
It's Autumn and Charlee.

What is her favorite thing to do?
To relax, eating cupcakes (not sure she's ever done that, but it sounds amazing!)

What is her favorite thing to do outside?
To swing.

Where is her favorite place to go?
To the Children's Museum, the tape tunnel is her favorite.

What will she be when she grows up?
A mommy

What's your favorite thing about Elise?
To kiss her on the head when she gets hurt.

Why do you love Elise?
Because she is the best!

Is there anything else you want to say about Elise?
Her favorite thing to say when she hits someone is sorry. When she follows me all around she is saying she loves me.