Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

She wiggled her arms and pants out of her sleeves and pant legs.

We saw a turtle on our run and stopped to check it out.

Ready for a special family movie night to watch Paddington (Carter's choice).

By the end of the movie Elise and I were on the floor by ourselves.

Carter looked at Elise after I got her dressed and said, "Sissy looks pretty today!"

Elise put Opa to sleep.

Carter wanted to sit with Opa since he had sissy.

We brought out the kid table to put food on so Carter wanted to sit at it!

Looking at a snail during Wetland Wonders.

Cracks me up when he walks with his hands in his pockets!

He took this shoe box and kept asking me to draw stuff on it for him.

He didn't like the noise of the electricity while the man from the power company was showing us what would happen if you touched a power line.

Using a transistor to show us what would happen if we touched a power line.

Trying on the man's glove.

Checking out the truck.  The program is called Every Hero Has a Truck.

Trying on the man's plastic sleeves.

Elise was so proud to get her medal for the summer reading program!

Both of them with their summer reading program medals.

Excited for special pj/teddy bear storytime, especially because daddy came home early to go with us.

Handing sissy a leaf so she could feel it.

Storytime at the library.

Storytime at the library.

Playing in the library after storytime.

Using his noculars to look for animals out the window.

Playing at the park with Walter.

Always climbing!

He discovered a new hiding place!

Rocking sissy.


  1. Elise with her arms and legs wiggled out of the arm and leg holes of her pajamas made me laugh out loud! Also, I feel like running with your kids is one of the best ways to teach them! We see so many animals on our runs and so many construction trucks and planes and interesting scenarios. Liam learned what all of the equipment pieces are from seeing them on our runs and stopping to talk to the guys who drive them!

    1. So cool! You do see lots of cool stuff, lots more than you would walking since you're covering more ground. I get sad when I see something cool out on a run and Carter isn't with me to see it.

  2. I loved the picture of Elise with her arms and legs out of the pjs, too. She looked like a ball. Does she have a scab between her eyes? Very cute pictures and videos. Maybe we'll watch Paddington and send Carter a video of us watching it. :)

    1. Carter would love that! She does. When she gets upset in the car apparently she scratches herself. :(