Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

I love snuggling both my babies at once!
Oma reading lyrics to sing bath songs to Carter.
This is the only way we can swaddle her, she has to have hands-free!
Elise started crying while I was in the bathroom during the middle of the night.  I came back to bed to find this.
Playdate at Landon's house.
He made himself food at the play kitchen and sat in the Elmo chair to eat.
Trying a scooter for the first time at Landon's house.
He pulled over a foot rest to use as a chair at the train table.
Carter wanted Elise in the box so they could make a train together.
Afternoon snuggles with my favorite little ones!
My little helper!  He wanted to mop.
Meeting Auntie Erin.
Carter and Hayden had a blast riding around together.
Elise loving on her soon-to-be best friend, Addison!
Picnic in the backyard.
Carter actually agreed to cheese so we could get a picture of all 3 of us.
She grabbed ahold of my necklace.  She's also found my hair.
Family snuggle time one morning.
I put Elise in bed with daddy one morning while I brushed my teeth.
Naptime with Opa.
Carter wanted to snuggle for a bit after his bath.
My mom sent me this after they left and I was feeling a little emotional.
Reading to Elise, counting the birds.
Morning storytime!
I love that they like to snuggle me as well as each other!
Carter thought daddy needed more babies.
Enjoying the spring weather during a walk.
Carter put on Elise's headband.
Another beautiful day for a walk.
Picnic at the park.

Yesterday it was in the high 80's so we busted out the water table.
Carter decided to climb on in!
Carter asked to hold his sissy.
Little miss is starting to chunk up!
Carter holding Elise's hand.
Daddy carrying both babies to the car after grocery shopping.


  1. Ty with all the babies made me laugh out loud! And I love the pictures of Carter and Elise snuggling! So sweet!

    1. Wasn't that hilarious? Thank goodness we don't really have that many babies!